How to Build a Simple Bunk Bed

how to create a simple bunk bed

Kids of all ages love bunk beds. They can are used for sleepovers or build impressive forts. They are also great for siblings sharing a room. It saves on space that can be used for other furniture or playing. But they can be costly, and the hype behind them fades as they mature into teenaged years. In this article, we are going to go through a step by step tutorial of how to build a simple bunk bed.

How To Create A Rustic Table Lamp

How to create a rustic lamp

Every work space needs excellent lighting. Especially for those long nights spent at your desk reading and studying or working on your latest work assignment. Getting a lamp at your local store won’t give you the same unique style as making one yourself. In this video, we will go through how to create a rustic desk lamp. Super easy to do and everyone will be asking you where you got it!

How To Create A Simple Outdoor Rug

how to create a simple outdoor rug

Everyone loves to have that perfect outdoor space to relax and have the family over. The ideal grill space with patio furniture, a fire pit, maybe even a few ornaments. But your deck is looking a little bare. You think to yourself that a beautiful outdoor rug will put your unique look together nicely. So you start shopping and holy cow! Those things are expensive! Why spend over $50 on a rug when you can create one for less than $20? In this DIY project, you will learn how to create a simple outdoor rug to pull off your dream escape.

How to Build a Stylish Outdoor Chair

How to create an outdoor chair

This post is for those who are curious about how to build a stylish outdoor chair. It is being written as a companion piece for video footage that shows a step-by-step process of building a chair using 4 x 4 timber. Viewers will see the assembly in progress and can follow along with their own versions. Suggestions are provided for tools that speed up the process. Also, tips are given that make the final product clean and level.

Long Copper Colored Wind Chime Tubes for Garden Decor

I have been searching and searching for something to add to my landscaping decor and luckily came across the Long Copper Colored Wind Chime Tubes for Garden Decor. They are composed of a stunning aluminum with a crisp copper color. The metal material allows it to be tuned, giving it a unique long-lasting and deep tone. The entire set hangs over 45 inches tall, making it a statement piece wherever you choose to hang it.

12 Bells Bird Nest for Outdoor Decorations

There’s nothing like the sound of a wind chime to add a little magic to your home. However, I was indeed taken aback when I saw the beauty and uniqueness of the 12 Bells Bird Nest for Outdoor Decorations.
It is truly unique because of the addition of the ornate bronze sculpture over the chimes, so it doesn’t just sound beautiful, it looks lovely too. Plus, the copper alloy of the chimes provides a crisp and sweet sound, making it unmistakable anywhere in your home.

Large Bright Light Cherry Blossom Tree for the Home

I have been searching for something to add a little light to my home with a unique touch and I came across this Large Bright Light Cherry Blossom Tree for the Home.
It is six feet tall with brown, naturally-shaped branches that I can twist or bend however I see fit. This way, it can easily fit into any space. It is covered in clear flower-shaped LED lights that cast a warm glow in any space.