Long Tree String Lights Topped with a Star

Long Tree String Lights Topped with a Star

I came across these fantastic long tree string lights topped with a star the other day.

The set is cost effective and lightweight. It comfortably fits atop any given tree from 8 to 13 feet, or it can be used to create a virtual tree that can be draped along the side of your home. There are actually 8 different light modes that include both combination and wave styles to see.

Christmas will be something special for anyone who is doing the decorating. These lights make it easier to decorate without intertwining the lights around the branches.

I love that the lights are waterproof and can be set up outside. The LED lights can be draped over tree limbs out in the yard. Also, the lights don't have to be only used for Christmas; they can be used for weddings, festivals or any special occasion.

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