Multicolored Glass Icicle Ornaments

Multicolored Glass Icicle Ornaments

As I was doing some holiday shopping, I came across these elegant, multicolored glass icicle ornaments and I really loved them.

The decorations are made of glass and are approximately 4 and a half inches long with colors from blue to green. They shine bright especially when the lights shine on them. The beautiful ornaments can be added to your Christmas tree decorations, hang a few on a window as well as from chandelier or use them as a stocking stuffers.

Everyone can use these precious ornaments for decoration purposes. They are beautiful ornaments and will make your Christmas tree or anywhere you will hang them to look more attractive and gorgeous.

This product has many features that made me fall in love with it. But the color hues and the appealing glass have made them the most unique from any other ornament of its type,

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