Rustic Oval Brown Wood Serving Tray

Rustic Oval Brown Wood Serving Tray

When searching for a simple but very nice housewarming gift – I came across this Rustic Oval Brown Wood Serving Tray.

Its handles are made of metal with an antique mirror. This feature is excellent as the product is strong enough to secure decorative candles or drinks. The tray measures around 14.2 by 19.8, for the large and 13.5” by 18.5 for the small. Undoubtedly, this decorative plate has the right size to serve drinks and food to guests. Alternatively, I see it as a centerpiece to my coffee table at home. All I have to do is to include some pillar candles and it will be a unique candle holder plate.

This wooden tray is best for personal use or as a gift for Christmas, birthday, and housewarming among others.

I like this tray the most as it comes in two sizes. So I have the option to either by one or both dimensions. In doing so, I can form a set of a unique mirrored wooden tray.

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