Best Kitchen Wall Clocks

Best Kitchen Wall ClocksHave you been searching for a classic way to spice up your kitchen walls? If yes, then why don’t you consider a modern Kitchen wall clock? It is essential in the heart of every home. From playful and fun to high design, there are numerous time-telling accessories you can select from.

We have compiled at least five of the best kitchen wall clocks, each with different features. First, we based our selection on size - it should not be too small or too big for your kitchen space.

Second, we selected based on the watch details and framing. The two can add seamless style with other furnishings. Based on the place you would like to hang the clock, you should ensure it is easy to read even at a glance. You want to prepare, cook and serve your food within the right time. That said, here are the 5 time-tellers we have selected, most suitable for kitchens.

A.Cerco Large Best Kitchen Wall Clock
A.Cerco Large Best Kitchen Wall Clock

This is a time teller with smooth and silent movement. It would not even distract you from hearing a stove alarm when the food is ready. Its design aims at making your environment as peaceful as it can be.

Its casing is made using durable aluminum – for simple clock movement. Better so, the numerals are covered with plastic, which makes the clock’s look really sleek. For sure, you couldn't resist making this watch as part of your decor item.

The watch doesn’t require much hassle to hang. You just need a nail, slot it and it would be ready.

Notably, the wall clock is powered by one AA battery, which you can easily buy. Besides, its size (19 inches) is just perfect to place in the office, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Sunny Copper Square Best Kitchen Wall Clock
Sunny Copper Square Best Kitchen Wall Clock

The best thing about this clock is that it is not only suitable for kitchens, but for a living room, bedroom, and office as well.

Looking at it, you would think it is painted. Well, you would be wrong. It is made of burned copper to give it such a unique look.
Its quartz movement is high quality with noiseless stoke.

Furthermore, the clock gives accurate time with zero ticking. Henceforth, you can hang it in your bedroom and still enjoy a relaxed, sleeping environment.

Since each of these clocks is separate; they are original, works smart, and unique. The most exciting part is that the clock can blend with any interior style.

Hito Silent Non-ticking Best Kitchen Wall Clock
Hito Silent Non-ticking Best Kitchen Wall Clock

With great sweeping movement, this Hito 12 inch clock guarantees true silence. The second-hand moves smoothly, with stable performance and accurate time for as long as it lasts. For sure, you can't question the functionality of this silent clock.

Its black numbers are big enough to tell time even from far. This means you can set your cooking time and check when it’s ready.

Besides, the clock has a huge LCD display for indoor Temperature, the day of the week and date (mm/dd). This will help you follow your meal schedule that you intend to cook on a particular day of the week.

You can hang the clock in the office, bedroom, bathroom and living room as well.

OLDTOWN Rustic Best Kitchen Wall Clock
OLDTOWN Rustic Best Kitchen Wall Clock

OLDTOWN Farmhouse 18-inch Wall Clock is a perfect décor solution for those who like a rustic feel and look. It requires no assembly because its hands come fully assembled.

This completely noiseless, high-quality quartz time teller is made from solid wood. Its metal frame is in dark bronze. Since the grains from natural wood may vary, you can get a slight variation in its actual color.

Hobbyist and DIYers have finally found their choice – OLDTOWN Farmhouse 18-inch Wall Clock it is.

LED Word Best Kitchen Wall Clock
LED Word Best Kitchen Wall Clock

You would agree with me on this one – it would take you a long time before you come along a clock that displays time as text. Well, finally you have LED Word Clock.

With this one in either office or kitchen, you’ll have a break to those numbers. Instead, you will read time from words. The clock highlights these words selectively to show accurate time.

For instance, at 9:50 am, the LED watch would say “it is ten minutes to ten.”

After five minutes, the clock displays time as text. Isn’t that great? And you can mount it on your desktop or wall.

Easy to set and read … lots of fun to hang in the office and home. As opposed to digital or two hands display, this LED Word Clock displays accurate time in a bright white LED light.

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