How to Build a Simple Bunk Bed

Kids of all ages love bunk beds. They are used for sleepovers or build impressive forts. They are also great for siblings sharing a room. It saves on space that can be used for other furniture or playing. But they can be costly, and the hype behind them fades as they mature into teenage years. In this article, we are going to go through a step-by-step tutorial of how to build a simple bunk bed.

Supplies Needed


Table Saw

Wood glue

Pocket hole jig

2 1/2 and 1 1/4 screws


Pencil to mark wood

Tape measure


- 4 2X10X10
- 4 2X4X10
- 2 2X6X10
- 9 1X4X8

Cut List:

- 4 2X10 cut to 6' 3 3/4"
- 4 2X10 cut to 3'2"
- 4 2X4 cut to 6'
- 2 2X6 cut to 6' 3 3/4"
- 3 2X4 cut to 3'2"
- 16 1X4 cut to 3/4"

Step by Step Instructions

First, get all your supplies and cuts needed to be gathered together. Now, using the pocket jig, drill holes into each end of all the wood pieces. Do not drill holes into the four 2X4 cuts to 6 foot. Those will be used for the posts. In the broader parts, you might want to drill more holes for added support.

After all of the holes have been made, sand down over your wood pieces lightly. If you are not going to paint or stain it, sand it down as smooth as possible.

Next, use your table saw and cut out a notch in the bottom bunk side of the 2X10 for easy access. Make the groove 3 inches from the edge and about 5 foot long perfectly centered in the middle of the 2x10. This notch will make it easier for little children to climb in and out. After cutting, sand the opening smooth.

Take your 1X4 and cut them in half. Place these along the bottom inside edges of four of the 2X12 pieces. Secure them together by gluing and screwing together. This edge will be where the mattress will lay later.

Now it is time to screw all of your wood pieces into place. Starting with the headboard, you will need 2 of the 6 foot 2X4, 1 of the 3 foot 2X6 and 2 of the 3 foot 2X10. The 2 6 foot 2X4 are your sides of the frame.

The 3 foot 2X6 is the top, and the two 3 foot 2X10 are in the middle and bottom. Now use your drill to screw everything together, leaving a 3-inch gap from the top piece and the first 2X10. Place the second 2X10 four foot below the first one. Repeat all of this for the foot of the bed.

Taking the two longest 2X6 pieces, line them up with the top of both the headboard and foot of the bed. You will need to have a helping hand during this part. Screw together on both ends and repeat for the 2X10 pieces that have the edges for the mattress, lining them up with the other 2X10 pieces on the headboard. Be sure to point the edges inside the bed frame.

Taking your 2X4 that are cut to 3 foot, make your ladder to be placed at either end of the bed. The remaining wood pieces will be put together to form the rungs of the ladder.

Next, take your 1X4s and lay them evenly spaced inside the bed frame to make a mattress platform — screw together each end of the 1X4 to secure it to the frame.

You can now paint or stain this bed in any way that you choose. This bunk bed is meant to fit the size of smaller children but can hold enough weight that you won't have to worry about it falling apart from being too heavy.

This easy DIY bunk bed is simple enough that a beginner with little experience can do it with ease. With this new bunk bed, you will be the cool parent that not only got your kids a bunk bed but also brought out the tools and built it yourself. Getting the kids in on it is a fun way to show them how amazing it is to get things by working hard to create them yourself. And of course, it's easy on the wallet.

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