How To Create A Rustic Table Lamp

Every work space needs excellent lighting. Especially for those long nights spent at your desk reading and studying or working on your latest work assignment. Getting a lamp at your local store won't give you the same unique style as making one yourself. In this video, we will go through how to create a rustic desk lamp. Super easy to do and everyone will be asking you where you got it!

Supplies Needed


wood chisel

-Sturdy materials to make a cement form (a vase and metal flashing may be used)

-painters tape

-cement and sand mix

-cooking oil

-construction wire


-mahogany wood pieces

-saw and miter box

-wood clamps


-power supply (your wiring for the lamp)

-Solder kit

-wood glue


-four screws

-frosted glass paint

-LED strip



-masonry bit

-2 bolts

-black spray paint

Step by Step Instructions

Make a mold to pour your concrete mix into. A metal flashing sheet around a glass vase may be used. Make sure it is secure, and no concrete will leak through.

Mix your cement and sand in a 1:2 ratio. Your cement should be about the consistency of cream of wheat. Not too watery, not too thick.

Spray the inside of your mold with cooking spray to make removal easier.

Pour your cement into your mold and tap it to get all the air bubbles out.

Now take a piece of construction wire and cut it into a circle a few inches smaller than the cement. Make sure that the sharp edges are bent in to prevent it from poking through. Press it into the center of the cement to help stabilize it. Tap again to get the air out and dry.

Remove dried concrete from mold and sand it down smooth.

Take 2 pieces of mahogany and make a 22 degree cut along the bottom to make your desk lamp sit at an angle. Clamp these 2 pieces together.

Next mark where you are going to be putting your power outlet and switch on the back of the light.

Put painters tape on the wood where your outlet will go and drill through the tape to make a clean hole.

Now take your razor and cut the outline for the power switch. Then use your drill to make it deeper and finish with a chisel to make it a perfect fit. Make sure to have the wire that will connect to the light come out the front.

Next, open your two pieces of wood and mark out a line from the outlet to the top of your lamp where your wires will go. Use your razor again to outline deep into the lines you just marked and use your chisel to hollow it out.

Solder your lamp wires to the outlet and the power strips. Hook a light blub up to the wires to test that it works.

Then use wood glue and clamps to glue both pieces of wood together.

While that dries, it's time to prepare the light housing. Cut two 45 degree cuts on the two outer panels and two 45 degree cuts on a scrap piece of wood. Mark the length that you want the light panel to be and cut to size.

Now that you have the size of the lightbox cut a longer piece of wood for the top and a smaller portion to cover the back.

Use that piece of wood that you just cut to cover the top of the light to measure out the plexiglass light cover, and cut.

Cut two small pieces of wood to sit inside your lightbox that will support your plexiglass. On the part of the wood that will sit in back, cut a small hole for the wires to pass.

Assemble together with clamps and make two small holes to screw your plexiglass to the support pieces.

Spray the plexiglass with frost and let dry. It will look clear but will look foggy in time.

Measure and cut your LED light strip at the connection mark.

Now for assembly. Start by gluing the back of the lightbox and the front support and clamp together. Place your LED strips onto the top of the wood lightbox, and solder your jumper wires to connect all the LED panels. And finish by gluing the rest of the wood together.

Sand down all wood pieces to smooth.

Then find the exact center of the concrete base. Mark the outline of your lamp and use a masonry bit to drill a hole. This is where your lamp will attach with a bolt.

Mark your desk lamp and drill a hole for the bolt to screw directly into it.

Now use your chose of polyurethane to finish your wood and spray paint your concrete base black.

Connect both pieces of your lamp and find the center. Drill all the way through and connect with a bolt. Connect your wires, leaving some slack so that you can move the light freely. Finish by installing the plexiglass and attaching the light to the concrete base.

And there you have it! This might seem like a daunting task and is probably more for the intermediate DIY-er. But, in all actuality, it's just a bunch of small tasks that seem scary. Give it a shot! Your work desk will be the talk of the office, especially when everyone thinks you are an electrician!

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