How To Create A Simple Outdoor Rug

Everyone loves to have that perfect outdoor space to relax and have the family over. The ideal grill space with patio furniture, a fire pit, maybe even a few ornaments. But your deck is looking a little bare. You think to yourself that a beautiful outdoor rug will put your unique look together nicely. So you start shopping and holy cow! Those things are expensive! Why spend over $50 on a rug when you can create one for less than $20? In this DIY project, you will learn how to create a simple outdoor rug to pull off your dream escape.

Supplies Needed

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Outdoor Mats

Fabric Shower Curtain


Steamer (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

First, gather all your supplies.

If your shower curtain is a little wrinkled, it is best to steam it now, contrary to what was done in the video. If you wait to do this last, you will run the risk of reheating your hot glue. This will only make a mess and possibly ruin your work.

Look at your shower curtain and how you would like its pattern to appear in your finished product. If you want the design of polka dots, strips, or maybe animal prints to look a certain way, then you will need to make your rug longer or broader. Also, make sure that it will fit in the space when finished.

Glue the outdoor mats together at the edges to where they will lie flat. It is best to do this one mat at a time so that they can dry without being shifted. Continue to glue all mats until the desired shape is achieved.

Next, flip your shower curtain upside down on a flat surface. Place your glued mats on top of the shower curtain with the bottom of the mat facing the back of your shower curtain.

If you have any extra fabric around the edges, trim this now. Make sure to leave at least 5 inches of the shower curtain all around the edges of the mats. This will be used to secure the shower curtain to the mats.

Now, starting at one corner make a strip of hot glue along the sides of the outdoor mats just a few inches away from the edge, and fold the shower curtain over. Pull the curtain taught during this process.

Continue to do this all along the edges. When you get to a corner in your shower curtain, fold it into a triangle and secure with glue. Do this by taking the corner of the curtain and fold upward, then make another fold with the next side. Secure both sides with hot glue. This should be tight enough so that the seams don't sag.

Continue to do this for all sides of the rug.

Let dry completely, and you are done!

This outdoor rug is so cheap and straightforward to create. In a matter of minutes, you can have a gorgeous rug, and no one will believe you made it yourself! So, GO! Make your outdoor oasis complete with a one of a kind outdoor rug!

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