How to Create a Unique Christmas Candle Holder Wreath

How to Create a Unique Christmas Candle Holder WreathThe Holiday Season comes once a year, and it’s never too early to start planning for it. The things most of us love about the Season are the decorations and traditions associated with them. Years ago, I started the tradition of making hand-made items to display in my home during the Holidays; the types of things that are timeless and can be used year after year. When I came across this gorgeous candle holder wreath, I knew it was something I wanted to make for my home. Nothing is more festive for the Holidays than a beautiful wreath! Most of the time when we think of a wreath it is for our doors, but this wreath is really unique as it is for a tabletop.

Having replaced my living room coffee table with a much larger one a few months ago, I decided this candle-laden wreath would be perfect for my Holiday decorating needs. This wreath is relatively simple to make, with minimal supplies needed. It’s the exact size I needed for my coffee table but could also be just as stunning used as a dining table centerpiece, in a buffet setting or on an entry table, as well.

Supplies Needed

Glue gun

Straw Wreath (approximately 10 – 12 inches in diameter)

Several artificial/real greenery sprigs (enough to cover the straw wreath)

U-Shaped Floral Pins

(4) 6 to 12-inch-high pillar candles, your choice of colors

(4) candle stands with picks on the bottom to support candles

Several small decorative items to match your décor or the Season

Wire Cutters

Hot Glue Sticks

Old Newspapers to protect your work surface

Work gloves

Step by Step Instructions

Many of the necessary materials you probably already have in your home. Maybe you have some treasured ornaments or small souvenirs that you’ve been saving for a particular project or would like to display? Perhaps you have some treasured buttons in your collection, or some of your Grandmother’s hand painted beads. As any type of small decorative items can be used, this project would be perfect to showcase them. What is really unusual about this piece is it can be customized to fit into any color scheme or decor. Also, you could use artificial or real greenery, if you prefer the pleasant scent of fresh fir. By following the step by step instructions, you could make a lovely custom candle wreath in the afternoon.

Lay out the old newspaper out to protect your work surface

Gather your project supplies and plug in your glue gun to heat up

Put on your work gloves to protect your hands.

Lay your straw wreath on the work area to start on your project

Using two or three sprigs of greenery each time, carefully pin each bunch of greenery to the straw wreath using the floral pins, making sure each bunch is facing the same direction, and they overlap just enough to cover the previous pins until your wreath is completely covered.

At this point, check your wreath for any bare spots that might show and pin or hot glue bits of the greenery to fill them.

Fluff and fan out the greenery with your hands

Next, attach the candle holders to the candles; leaving the long needle end pointing down
Pushing firmly through the greenery into the base, attach the candles evenly spaced around your wreath

Using the hot glue gun, secure the small decorative items attractively around your wreath.

Step back and enjoy your lovely candle holder wreath!

This project is so versatile and very easy to complete than most holiday projects. As I was making this candle holder wreath, I began to think about all of the possibilities. For instance, you could switch out the traditional candles for battery powered candles by making adjustments to the candle holders. Likewise, using ribbon on the wreath would add another decorative element, depending on your taste and preferences.

And who’s to say that wreaths are just for the Holidays? By switching out the type of greenery used and the small decorative items, you could quickly create this adorable wreath to display in your home for any season or occasion. An example of this would be using colored silk leaves, burlap and small pumpkins for a wreath with an Autumnal feel. In the Springtime, how cute would this candle wreath be decked out with sprigs of ivy, little bunnies and eggs? For the cold, winter months after the Holidays, a Winter wreath complete with frosted pine sprigs, white candles and cheery miniature snowmen would surely brighten those dreary days. Similarly, you could most certainly use the techniques learned to create a fabulous birthday centerpiece, a romantic Valentine wreath and many others. By using the basics presented and your imagination, you could build one- of- a- kind custom decorations that would enhance your home year-round!

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