Best Modern Wall Clocks

Best Modern Wall ClocksGone are the days when people used to hang clocks for one simple purpose – to show the time. Today you will come across the best modern wall clocks that go beyond that one distinct purpose. People now use these pieces as home decor to express their tastes.

Likewise, you should say goodbye to the traditional wall clocks and embrace the modern ones. The good thing is that wall clocks are stylish – they boost the beauty of an interior. However, you should select the right one to enjoy such a benefit among others.

We have selected 5 best modern wall clocks based on their colors, style, design and size. All these features matter a lot. Getting a mismatched timer and installing it on your surface will ruin all of your efforts to make your home different and beautiful. The style and design of a timepiece will massively depend on the area you want to mount it on.

A watch with a fun, vibrant addition would be great for a kid’s room. At the same time, a clock with exciting and bright colors will enhance the overall energy of a room. Hence the colors will provide an engaging and brilliant educational tool for a child. Alternatively, if you intend to hang the timepiece on the kitchen wall, then a sleek and slim-lined design would do just fine.

OldTown 3D Rustic Best Modern Wall Clock
OldTown 3D Rustic Best Modern Wall Clock

There would be nothing more annoying than a noise making time-teller, but The OldTown 3D Retro doesn’t disappoint on that note. Just put the batteries, and the watch will work quietly.

Besides, the noiseless feature, its high quality is excellent for those who acknowledge a rustic feel and appearance. The piece has fixed and over sized gears that were built from wood. This wood was painted by hand using old metallic stones.

Also, its “hands” come already assembled and were improved in such a way that makes them visible from any corner of the room. It comes in Roman-silver color, which blends with most interiors.

Studio Designs Home  Exceptional Modernistic Wall Clock
Studio Designs Home Exceptional Modernistic Wall Clock

This bold and dramatic timer by Studio Designs Home is built out of sturdy iron. For sure, it intends to grab people’s attention – that’s why it came second on the list. The artfully made metal hands and Arabic numbers make its construction and style a unique piece to any home.

Its brushed finish and extra big 30” diameter seek your attention. The minute and ornate hour hands move with a precise quartz pace. This timer needs only one AA alkaline battery that you have to purchase separately.

Rhythm Gadget Magic Motion Best Modern Wall Clock
Rhythm Gadget Magic Motion Best Modern Wall Clock

This is a magnificent clock by Rhythm. Its intricate moving gears show the 6 blue Swarovski crystal features, which sets the piece off spectacularly. Further, the LED lights do flash, which creates a unique look.

Additionally, the clock does not only tell the time, but it also showcases a hydrometer and thermometer - set inside its gear display.

It comes with a display, on/off switch and one optional volume control button. This allows you to silence your timer on demand without interfering with its time accuracy.

On the hour “hand” both the inner wheels and dial rotate as they a melody from 12 cool melodies, 6 Christmas or the 12 world classic and Folk songs. Isn’t that cool?

The clock measures 15.4 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 16.1 inches high. Better still, it works on 2-D batteries that come with it to aid the clock in its Quartz movement.

SevenUp Large Silver Best Stylish Wall Clock
SevenUp Large Silver Best Stylish Wall Clock

This clock has a premium material for exceptional durability. This huge gear time-teller is built with premium metal and plastic parts. Hence, these materials make sure it enhances durability and maintains superior quality.

Meant to hang on a wall, SevenUp is an ideal décor for an office, study room, restaurant and living room, among others. You can shut off all gears and move independently. It displays the beauty of a mechanism. You can also send it to someone as a gift for anniversaries or housewarming.

Moreover, this piece is a combination of décor artwork and practical clock. It has gone through several trials to ensure it indicates the accurate time. Its precise craftsmanship is precise. Simply put, it is a piece of high-standard art.

Umbra Ribbon Clock Stainless Steel Best Chic Wall Clock
Umbra Ribbon Clock Stainless Steel Best Chic Wall Clock

If you are searching for a piece to elevate the style of your home, then consider no more than Umbra Ribbon Clock. It is more than a time teller because its red painted hour hands can work as décor as well. The red hands set it off beautifully. It makes Quartz movement that allows maintenance-free and precise measurements. Ideally, this clock measures 12 inches diameter by 2 ¼ inches.

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